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Bobby Thompson’s Story Featured by Catch Me If You Can Author

How is it that a known identity thief and fraudster, who was also wanted in questioning on espionage never had his fingerprints put in the system? Could his past as a military spy have played a role?

Famed Author Frank Abagnale looks at the Bobby Thompson in a three-part series.  Master of Deceit author Jodi Andes is featured in episodes 2 and 3.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three 

Featured in Columbus Dispatch Features

In New Book, “Master of Deceit” ex-reporter reveals shocking con

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Early Reviews on Amazon

“The author spent many years researching for this book and it shows in the myriad of details concerning the case. It reads more like a novel than a documentary.” – Jerry – Amazon Review

“This is a strange tale, almost unbelievable. I’m recommending it. I see the movie version with the story of the journalist uncovering threads in the story as one plot line, and the actual Cody/Thompson story the other plot line, intertwined,” J Wrightnour – Amazon Review

“Such a fascinating story and so well written. So carefully crafted to not be political, but factual. Just amazing how one man could think of all these crimes… or was it just one man?” Dom, Amazon Review

“Great read….highly recommended.” Whitney, Amazon Review

“A really interesting look at how a scammer can not only get your money but use it to buy influence,” Trevor, Amazon Review

“So shocking that one person could scam so many people over so many years! Book was written in an easy way to follow this wild and tangled tale!” Emily Kirkpatrick, Amazon Review

“Excellent book!” BB, Amazon Review

“Andes, a persistent investigative reporter before she took the job as investigator for the Ohio Attorney General, continued to dig into Cody’s enigmatic world for several years after his conviction in 2013. Master of Deceit is the culmination of that work. It is crisply written, highly engaging and well worth your time,” Martin, Amazon Review

“What a amazing read of a con man who escaped years of capture! The book beautifully sorted out years of deceit and hiding. I hope they make this into a movie….the whole thing is fascinating. The author did a great job of investigating and put it all together,” unnamed Amazon customer

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