It’s Not Just Me

What this year has taught me above all else, is to give thanks for those I share my life with day to day. I happily published my first book but it was only because of the hundreds of friends and family who took time to help me through life and spared a few minutes to teach me along the way. My accomplishment is thanks to you in many ways.
This year has also taught me to slow down and truly enjoy life because tomorrow is never how I envision it.
Of course I always knew that, but sometimes you have to struggle in life before you can look back and see the beauty you came through. And yes, I am even thankful for getting past the 2020 election. I am not thankful for the divisiveness, not the anger, and not the lies, but for a collective realization that we have a great nation that no one wants harmed.
So today, no politics, no hatred, and no work.
Just reflection of my thanks for all I truly have and for all of you have collectively contributed to my life.

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